Metal Sculpture


Ever wonder, why the forrest feels so natural? Do you ever wonder, how humans existed before chemicals and money, or what the world would be like without gas, pipelines or pollution? Isn't it even more amazing how the inhabitants could know and not care? What if the world was being destroyed out of cynicism? How ironic would it be if we are recycled spiritually on this earth? In that case, what if the joke is on us?

I know the theme of our universe is irony. The sooner I realized this, the easier I began living. It is difficult to understand why good and bad things happen. In a song there must be a crescendo to have a decrescendo. Without peak or plateau, there is no climax. We know that every story has a beginning, middle, and end. I relate this to quantum field inflation/inflation theory, there must be regression to make progression. Like a champagne bottle, it takes a more underlying negative energy to create a positive surge. One day I imagine the world coming together to enjoy their champagne.