Anthony Bianconi

@ The Backyard Coffee Co.

965 Brewster AVE. Redwood City, CA

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If your in the area, please come down and check out my work @ The Backyard Coffee Co. As an artist I get inspired by people and settings, but its very hard to find places that don't urge you to leave or consider you loitering after your purchase. Here at the Bakckyard you will find local people of all types. If you need help in life with different skill sets, if your friendly and inviting chances are you'll find them sitting right next to you happy to interact. I myself found this place after going from one snobby coffee shop to another. I can vouch that this is a special place where you need no friends because almost everyone around you is one. No matter what you will find negative attitudes everywhere in life but for the most part you will find plenty of narcissist free people here. 

The Back yard is supportive of local artists, musicians, and creators of all types. If you are looking for a true hub, then this is it. Backyard serves local Beers, Wines, and Organic Coffee from the California Bay Area. It also has a Gym attached to it where Personal Training is available to paying clients and trainers. This is definitely one of those places where everyone knows YOUR NAME!